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Thursday, August 31, 2017

Scalability: How to Expand your Compassionate Heart

Announcement: The Mystic Messengers Psychic Fair will be this Sunday, September 3, from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. at the DoubleTree Inn in Tucson, AZ, across from Reid Park. I'll be there and I hope to see you.



From smallest and closest, to largest and farthest, everything works on a sliding scale.

Can you remember a time when you were devastated? Completely at a loss? Woeful? Deep dark feelings? Then something happened to help you, or time passed and you healed, or you talked to someone and gained a different perspective on what was happening. Your internal feelings were as real as anything in the world. Thank goodness, you recovered! You regained your balance and your sense of mastery.

Now, scale it up a bit. Think about what is happening in East Texas. Devastating flooding, desperate rescues, drowning, despair, loss. The same thing which happened in your personal life is happening on a larger scale. East Texans are in the middle of their catastrophe. Eventually, we hope, there will be healing, new perspectives, experiences stored for future reference, and recovery. Eventually, balance and a new sense of mastery will emerge for each individual and for the region.


In our personal distress, we need compassion. Both self-compassion, and the good will of others to understand our situation and help us cope. Once we see how this healing process works, we can scale it up to help others.

When one of my friends or relatives is hospitalized, the good work done by hospitals is in my immediate consciousness. When I don't go to the hospital daily, it's easy to forget about the people in those rooms who seek good health. It's easy to forget about the staff, the doctors, and the healers who tend to them. In my meditations, I try to remember that even when this isn't part of my daily life, people are in hospitals dealing with illness every day, and other people are there to help them. I send them light. Then I think about people in hospitals all over the world.

In this situation, something is in my immediate consciousness, then moves out to a larger consciousness, then becomes a thought for global consciousness. All moving along a continuum, gently expanding up the line to a larger scale.

Psychics talk about this all the time.

John Hunter explains that everything is scalable. If you understand how an atom works, you can understand how a human works, and you can extend that out to understand how a universe works. If you can understand things at any one point, you can understand all of it.

I asked John how he helped skeptics understand psychic ability. He answered:

"I usually tell people about the universe or the solar system. Or I show them how nature works and then just put that on a smaller scale, or a larger scale. The same structure is consistent from the smallest existence to the largest. People can see how patterns of communication, bonding, growth, and acceptance work in nature. It's all around us. Things communicate without words. Even in the electronic world, things communicate without words. Things communicate without being attached. One way or another, things communicate in a way which we don't see."

He added:

"If they are skeptical about one aspect of that process (like psychic ability), but acknowledge the other 99%, they can see that it is all the same process. Communication is happening all around them; they are choosing not to view it."

Another aspect of scale? Jeff Sonnenburg talked about receiving information on three levels of consciousness: personal consciousness, group consciousness, and Divine Will. These levels of consciousness communicated with him in different voices.

Back to Earth. While Texas is flooding, so are South Asia and India. However, the farther an issue is from us, the less we think about it. It's barely in our consciousness unless we remind ourselves to focus on it.

Remember how you felt at your moment of despair? Extend that longing for compassion to the people in the flooded areas of Texas, then extend your compassionate heart to people around the world who are suffering. Send them light, send them love, then, if you can, send a donation to a charitable organization.

We help each other. We are all connected in the energy. When we lift others, we enlighten the world's energy and we lift ourselves too. We can help others and help ourselves at the same time. Win/win. Helping anyone, helps everyone. Increasing any positive energetic output, affects everyone, everywhere.

Kudos to the Cajun Army, volunteers who arrived with boats to save lives. Kudos to the people who are helping each other, opening their homes and stores to provide a dry spot to land for at least a few days.

What can you do from afar? Add your positive energy. Aid the recovery efforts. Help the people and the animals. Help the land. Send your good energy, your prayers, and your light, and send a check too.

Thanks for listening.


12:54 pm mst

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

AfterLife Review

AfterLife Review

I told a psychic that I tried to be kind and patient with people so that during my afterlife review I wouldn't have to feel their anguish at my comments.

He said:

"The emotional fear that you are talking about doesn't exist on the other side. It is that it is. You will experience someone else's anguish as an emotion, but it's not going to be a gut-wrenching experience. It will just be that you know what they experienced and they know what you experienced. There will be a total sharing and equalizing of the experience. It's nothing to fear.

"Those life reviews are supposed to be pretty cool. You understand things. Afterwards, you've got the answers to all of your questions."

11:10 am mst

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Going Pro

Going Pro

I recently spoke with a psychic who had been doing readings for years, but was thinking of "Going Pro" and setting up at our local Psychic Fair. Over the years, psychics have shared ideas which helped them re-frame their gift as a business. Some of you might be at this stage so I've compiled some hints and tricks.

All of this, of course, is built on the idea that the readings are accurate and clear.

There is a lot of information here. It doesn't all have to be done at once. Businesses can be built over time, so don't let these ideas lead you to believe this is too hard to do.

Professional Readings

Many psychics read for friends and relatives for years before offering their services to others. These readings can extend for hours as more and more information is revealed, or additional spirits communicate from the other side. That's fine until the psychic tires and needs to close the energy. This is an important point. It doesn't do anyone any good when a psychic is too exhausted to think or speak clearly.

Psychics who choose to do this work professionally have to be business people. They need to set a time limit for readings so they don't become exhausted. This can be done in a straightforward manner by telling clients that a reading lasts for 45 minutes or an hour. Or, it can be done by setting a price for an allotted time and allowing people to choose how much time they want. For example, readings can cost $60 for an hour, or $20 for 20 minutes - whatever price works. Well-established psychics can charge much higher rates than newbies.

If the client brings a friend who also wants a reading, the time/money limits will help everyone determine if this will be counted as one reading, or two.

When reading for a group, the group can be charged for the multi-hour event, or people can be charged for individual readings.

Of course, charging for readings means that the psychic needs a way to accept payments. Clients usually pay with cash, checks, or credit cards. Psychics must decide if they accept checks and/or credit cards. If they accept credit cards, they need some kind of credit card processor, like The Square.

It's also a good idea to hand out business cards with contact information so that clients can call later to book appointments, or can share the information with friends.

Psychic Fairs

Psychic Fairs require additional thought. It's one thing to read for someone when there is plenty of time for information to come through and for connections with the other side to be established. It's another thing to compress the work into 15 or 20 minute increments. Fair readings are short, but still require the time to open the client's energy and to ask and answer questions.

Then, there is the finesse of wrapping up a reading. How do you let the client know their time is up even when they still have questions? You can use a timer on your table, you can develop a phrase about the reading's conclusion, or you can stand up to indicate the reading is complete.

Avoid the temptation to ask, "Is there anything else you want to know?" Learn how to gently dissuade the client who has "just one more question."

Most psychics do this work because they want to help people. Closing a reading when the client wants additional help can be difficult. Decide, on a case-by-case basis, if the reading can be extended.

A few more things to prepare for:

1) Will you take money before or after the reading? Sometimes it's awkward to ask for money after the reading when people are too emotional to remember to pay. And, sometimes, you will give a reading, be ready to accept payment, and discover that the client has no money. They thought the reading was free. How will you deal with this?

2) What if nothing comes through? What will you do?

3) What if the customer doesn't think the reading is good? You know it is. Do you take their money?

4) What if someone sits down and you don't want to read for them? You don't like their energy. What do you say?

5) Figure out in advance how you are going to clear the energy between readings. Avoid "spiritual spillover." 

In addition to the reading, think about:

1) The table. Dress your table to appeal to whatever kind of customer you want to attract. This may mean a dark colored tablecloth, a light colored tablecloth, or fabric sprinkled with stars. It's also a good idea to have a box of Kleenex available. Readings can be emotional.

2) A specialty: Determine your area of specialty so you stand out from other readers. Are you a Medium? An Angel reader?

3) Table signs. A sign should describe your specialty and how much you charge for a reading. Find the words which help people understand what you do. Create an attractive sign which people will see for about three seconds (yes, that's all!) as they walk by your table and decide if they want to work with you.

4) Business licenses. Find out if you need a business license to set up at each fair.

5) Clothes. Wear the proper clothes for the image you want to project.

I hope you found this information useful. If you are a psychic reader with additional tips, e-mail them to me at and I'll add them to this post.


12:57 pm mst

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Divine Mastery is a Continuous Flow
Quote from a Psychic Channeling

When you think you have reached your mastery, it only indicates how you need a little more introspection because divine mastery is a continuous, continuous, adjustment.

All evolution, all growth, all spark of the divine is an energy of continuous flow. There is no such thing as "I am there." "I've got it." "I've made it." There is room for more. That is not a statement for despair, but a statement to look forward to, to reach up to, to encourage you to be all that you can be on so many levels.

This may require pulling out roots that no longer serve you. May require cleaning out closets of space within you and your thought process, your heart, your diet, or your vocabulary, and releasing things which no longer serve you.

12:22 pm mst

Sunday, August 20, 2017

The Solar Eclipse

Sunday, Special Edition: The Solar Eclipse

From a recent channeling by a friend:

The solar eclipse will reflect what is happening on Earth, although compressed into a much smaller time period. It is said that, "As it is above, so it is below." At the time of the eclipse the radiant light of your sun will be momentarily covered in darkness. It is not something for you to be afraid of -- that your world will have a period of darkness.

As with the eclipse, the period of darkness on Earth will be short-lived and the light will shine again. Not three or four minutes as with the eclipse, maybe three months. If you see the start of a time of darkness, have no fear. Just as the light will shine as the eclipse passes, so shall the light shine on the Earth as the darkness on the Earth passes.

Have no fear for each of you are blessed and protected and there will be no harm for you in the darkness.

People who fear the dark will draw that energy to themselves and that is as it should be, for wonderful lessons will be learned by those who are drawn to the darkness. Their lessons will not be learned as gently as most of your lessons have been learned, but they are vital lessons to them on their path back to the understanding of who and what they are, and the G-d source within each of them.

Know you are blessed. Know you are protected. Know that you are loved.

3:20 pm mst

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Why and How?

Why and How?

People often ask me why and how I began my search to find out how psychic ability worked. Before my work became "My Psychic Search" as a named Project, I was talking to psychics, reading books, having readings, and taking classes. I had an intellectual curiosity about psychic ability and I was seeking answers to personal challenges.

In my twenties, I wondered, "Will I marry?" "Will I have children?" I asked a psychic who gave me answers which came true. I wondered how that was possible.

Last week I met a man who used to work with Patricia Cota-Robles. I had forgotten that long ago I had attended her seminars and written a manifestation list for the great guy I wanted to meet. A few months after writing my list, I met him. A year later, we married. Manifestation lists? Hmmm.

Since then, my personal questions have focused on my kids, my career, and the relationship with my crazy mother. Mother issues. Anyone else deal with them?

Through my work with psychics I have learned that it is important not to take things personally. Yes, I understand that idea, but living it is a challenge. When I hear something biting, it's hard not to take it personally. I react in the moment, then take a day or two to vent and process, then return to my equilibrium. I process things out. Feel them, apply the love vibration, and let them go. Look at that - I have learned something.

How can you start your journey? Talk to psychics, have readings, meditate, read books, attend IONS meetings and spiritual meet-up groups. Tucson has a Psychic Explorers group. Look online for articles and blogs, but be cautious. The best way to proceed is to ask friends for recommendations. Have they spoken to anyone who has helped them?

At the end of this blog post, you can find an extensive list of places to start your search.

Remember to take advantage of synchronicities. People and blogs show up in our lives for a reason.

Only give your money to someone you are certain has your best interest at heart. Retain your power. You are the expert on your life. You can listen to others, then decide whether or not to act on their guidance. If advice doesn't feel right, don't take it. Our sense of self and our choices, define our life.

For me, I wanted personal information and I also wanted to know how life worked. I didn't realize that when I started asking about psychic ability, the answers would be big. They wouldn't stop at the interaction between psychics and information sources, but would stretch to explain universal consciousness, where we come from, near-death experiences, how we energetically interact with others, attachments, and why we are here. A great big ball of thought.

What keeps me going? The endless variety of what I hear. Every psychic has a unique area of expertise. Infinite possibilities exist for this work. Infinite expressions of life. Remember when I mentioned that I met a woman who "walks people to the edge of the veil"? I challenge you to find a more-amazing, question-provoking, idea.

If I can do this, so can you. You just have to get over the fact that some people will think you are crazy. A little "crazy" makes life interesting.

I still find "My Psychic Search" fascinating and I hope you do too. Let me know how your search is progressing. Have I left out any resources you use?


This list is a good starting place for learning about psychics, spirituality, and your gifts:

1)  Go to places where you can learn about psychics, what they know, and what they do.

Psychic Fairs

In addition to consultations with psychics, many fairs have speakers who discuss what they do and how the Universe works. Look on-line for a fair near you and find out if there are informational sessions during the fair.

IONS meetings

IONS is the Institute for Noetic Sciences ("Noetic" means knowing). This organization is based in northern California and has groups all of over the world which seek the intersection of science and consciousness. They have a website at In addition, local groups have their own websites and sponsor meetings.

Each month, Tucson's IONS group presents a lecture, a movie, a book group, a Universal Energy Event (Reiki) and a Psychic Explorers group.


There are conferences all over the world relating to consciousness and metaphysics. Some are highly scientific and some are just for fun. A good place to start looking for these kinds of events is on the Internet.


Check with your local university and find out if there are lectures about the brain and the mind. Or try a beginner's lecture on quantum physics (really, it's more interesting than you might think).


Many psychics offer classes. They teach Reiki, Tarot card reading, palm reading, past-life regression, etc. When you meet psychics, ask if they offer classes, or take their cards and check their websites. In addition, some people offer weekend retreats full of classes and guided meditations.

Spiritualist churches also offer classes.

Another good place to start is your local metaphysical shop. Most of these shops either sponsor classes or can tell you who might be teaching a class which interests you.


Movies can provide some insights about psychic ability. However, you need to be wary of Hollywood's fictional movies because they take a gem of truth and sensationalize it. On the other hand, there are many good documentaries.

2)  If you prefer to work alone, you can read about psychic abilities.


Start with your local library and check out books written by psychics. These books explain how individual psychics connect to the Universe. There are also books about life after death, why we are here, and how you can contact your own Spirit Guides. Then, branch out to your local bookstores or to on-line bookstores.

"My Psychic Search: discovering what psychics do, what psychics know, and how they can help us improve our lives," contains a wealth of information.


There are plenty of national psychology and New Age magazines. In addition, there are free, local papers around the United States entitled, "Natural Awakenings." These publications list local psychic fairs and events. They also include interesting articles about New Age topics and health. You can find them in libraries and metaphysical shops.

The Internet

There are many websites about psychics. Try to find an educational website, not just an advertisement. Look for personal experiences. Check out blogs written by psychics. In addition, Facebook has groups for people exploring psychic ability.

Oh yes, remember my favorite website: Always interesting!

3)  Talk to people.


Talking to psychics about what they do is my favorite way of learning. Listening to real experiences means more to me than anything else. Psychics live between worlds and have fascinating stories to share.


You might be pleasantly surprised if you asked your friends about psychic phenomena. Have they seen a ghost or felt a deceased relative? Again, listening to people with this kind of direct experience really opens minds. In addition, your friends may have recommendations for psychics with whom they have had great readings.

4)  Experiment.

Try it yourself! Sometimes, we don't know what we have until we try it and succeed. If you are trying to connect with your Guides and they are trying to send messages to you, experiment with a variety of techniques and see if any of them work.


Sit quietly, close your eyes and see what happens. Stay with it for 10 or 15 minutes each day for a few weeks. Meditation centers your mind so you can listen to Spirit. It helps moderate emotions throughout the day so that you are not just reacting to the situations which arise. Meditation provides access to infinite wisdom. You can ask anything and have a quiet period to listen for answers.

Breathing techniques

Many people with psychic abilities use specific breathing techniques to enhance their connection.

Reiki (or any kind of energy work)

Try Reiki at a psychic fair. It's very relaxing. Or ask friends if they can recommend Reiki Masters.

Chakra cleansing and balancing

There are many techniques for chakra cleansing and balancing. You can find books at libraries and bookstores, and you can go on-line to find websites with instructions for chakra balancing.

Automatic Writing

Sit down with a piece of paper and a pen. Close your eyes, meditate and ask a question. Start writing and see what happens. If nothing comes, just start writing your name or doodling. Ask another question and see if the answer flows out of your fingertips.


Ask a friend if you can hold one of his or her belongings. Once you have it in your hand, close your eyes and see if you can get information about your friend by tapping into the energy of their item. Tyler Henry uses psychometry to do readings.


Using a pendulum to glean information is known as dowsing. Yes, this includes the old-time dowsing for water which we saw in western movies. Instead of using dowsing rods, use a small pendulum on the end of a chain. When you begin, you and your pendulum must agree on what is a "yes" and what is a "no." Much has been written about how to use pendulums.

Tarot cards and Oracle cards

Purchase a deck of cards, read the informational booklet, and give it a try. Alternatively, it might be easier to start by taking a class from a local metaphysical shop or a psychic.

5)  Listen to Blog Talk Radio and other Internet Radio Programs.

These programs present speakers on metaphysical topics.

6)  Watch TV.

When it comes to TV, you have to distinguish between fiction and non-fiction. There have been some great non-fiction shows and interviews regarding spirituality. A few years ago, I was able to watch John Edward's show "Crossing Over" on TV. I enjoyed watching John do readings because he explained how being a Medium worked. He discussed his connection and noted how symbols appeared to him. He had to interpret those symbols and one of the reasons his readings weren't completely precise was because of this need for interpretation. After the show, the producers checked with the audience members to corroborate the messages in the readings. This show opened my eyes to what it is like to work as a Medium.

Oprah Winfrey's "Soul Series," provides interviews with thought leaders in this field.

On the fiction side, there are shows which give a hint of what it is like to be psychic, but things have to be magnified and sensationalized for TV, so take them at face value (that means, they are entertainment, not education).

12:57 pm mst

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Developing Psychic Abilities
 Quote from a Psychic - Developing Abilities

I asked Cyndi, "What do you suggest people do to develop their psychic abilities?" She answered:

"First, they should learn meditation. Meditation is the key for going within and listening to the voice within. Second, they should go to the classes to which they are drawn; read the books to which they are drawn; and watch the videos to which they are drawn. There are many tools which we didn't have years ago.

"For my development, I meditated and went to classes. I joined a spiritualist church. The church had the same beliefs as I had: putting G-d in with the psychic work."

Cyndi Clarke

12:08 pm mst

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Psychics are Like a Box of Chocolates

Psychics are Like a Box of Chocolates - You never know what you are going to find

It's been a busy week here at My Psychic Search. On Sunday, I was set up at the Psychic Fair. On Tuesday, I went to a group channeling event where our deceased friend came through with messages weaving a poignant story. On Wednesday, I talked to a psychic who works with sick children, a "Baby Whisperer."

In addition, I received a similar message from two psychics at different events.

Most of my weeks are pretty calm. This one is extraordinary and I want to share with you the variety of what I am hearing.

The Psychic Fair was well attended and several people stopped at my table to chat. The theme seemed to be Quantum Physics. Two people told me how Quantum Physics helped them understand their connection with unseen worlds. When I returned home, there was an article about Quantum Physics in my inbox.

One of the Quantum Physics people shared that, a few years ago, he had left his body and gone to The All. He had understood things. He wanted to write a book about his experience, but didn't have the words. I volunteered to listen to him tell his story at another time, just so he could hear himself. I have found that when we speak aloud about our experiences, we hear ourselves, and we form the best way to tell our story.

Something similar happened during several psychic interviews. The psychics hadn't realized what they had accomplished until I asked questions and they could understand how their lives had unfolded and their experiences had intertwined. Saying it aloud made a difference.

At the Fair, I spoke with a psychic who had landed in the midst of a difficult energy. She had found herself in an area where people and animals had been murdered. She did her best to send some of these energies to the Light, but she had never heard of "mass sendings." I know two psychics who can send groups of energies to the Light, simultaneously. They have cleared Civil War battlegrounds and Native American backgrounds. When we share these stories, people understand possibilities.

At a different event, I asked one psychic how my dog, with a neurological condition, was doing. She told me that my dog felt loved. My dog could stay, or she could pass on, but she felt loved, so why leave? (Love that message!)

Yesterday, I had a fascinating afternoon with a pediatric nurse who also does hospice work. She cares for sick babies, helping (and healing) the ones she can, and "walking the others to the edge of the Veil."

She recounted a story of helping an elderly man complete his life so he could cross over. She walked him to the edge of the Veil. I asked if she could see who greeted him and she said "yes," but she didn't know the people. She could see their shadowy outlines, but couldn't name them. I asked if she saw his soul rise from the body. She said "no." She couldn't see it because she was a part of it. It was as if she and the soul were one and had walked together to the edge of the Veil, then he continued on.


So, what was the message I received from two psychics and which was reinforced by a third psychic, as well as my husband? It's time to tell the story of my adventures in the psychic world as if I am writing a travelogue. Huh? Write about how I embarked on this journey and what I am finding. In doing this, other people may be inspired to find their own opportunities to ask questions. I have to think about this. I can't imagine that people would be interested in hearing MY story, instead of what I am learning from others. However, I think another author did quite well with her travelogue, "Eat, Pray, Love." Wink

I hope you have a week as wonderful as mine has been (knocking on wood, throwing salt over my shoulder - let's not jinx this).

Take care.


1:33 pm mst

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

What is the most surprising thing about being psychic?

More answers to "What is the most surprising thing about being psychic?"

Riverlark Scott: "To me, the most surprising thing is that more people don't realize they are intuitive. Every single person says something like, 'I see things.' Yes, that's it. I am surprised we don't just consider it one of our normal senses."


Karreen Martin: "The most surprising thing is the information which comes through which I would never expect, or think. Spirit's information provides healing for that individual."


Larry Martin: "The most surprising thing? Really feeling the connectedness between ourselves and all things. When I see a tragedy on TV, it affects me much more deeply than it used to, like when I was a child. As a child, I either didn't understand it or I looked at it and thought it was weird, or it was news, something separate.

"The more you meditate and open your third eye, the more you see that we are all interconnected. When one part of the world is hurting, you can see how it works on the grid or the matrix of energy everywhere.

"I look for good news too."

11:01 am mst

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Is it in the Cards?

Announcement: The Mystic Messengers Psychic Fair will be this Sunday, August 6, at the DoubleTree Inn across from Reid Park in Tucson, AZ. The Fair will run from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m.

Is it in the Cards?

When you ask a question, you open the energy to receive an answer in any way that answers can come to you, including psychics, billboards, songs on the radio, and Tarot cards.

At last month's Psychic Fair, I had a Tarot card reading with a psychic who I didn't know well. I like readers who don't know me because they aren't familiar with my life story and can't repeat what they already know. The reader told me to put my question into the cards as I shuffled them. Then she pulled cards and laid them out in a pattern.

My question was, "Will My Psychic Search Project reach a larger audience?" As she read the cards, she told me the Project had the potential to grow, but I needed to decide what I wanted. If I sought growth, I had to act like a powerful King (as she pulled the King card), not like the mild-mannered Queen (as she pulled the Queen card). I could see her point. Did I want to step up and fully promote the Project, or just let nature take its course?

I came home amped up and ready to write a work program for success. Then I wondered if this was what I really wanted? Did I want to speak and travel, or would I prefer having the time to transcribe, write, and mull over this material at my own pace?

This is how psychic readings work. Readers see our potential future, our trajectory, but much of our future is based on our choices and what we actually do.

The reading shifted my focus. I took a fresh look at what I was doing. Psychic readings often change our perspective on old issues so we can see them in a new way.

Some psychics use Tarot cards, crystal balls, astrology, numerology, crystals, or other tools when they work with clients. Other readers don't use any tools and can just look at someone, hold hands or look at their palms, and read their energy.

Readers who use tools say that the tools either help them access the client's energy and bring in fresh ideas and information, or that they don't really need the tools, but they like having them around. Crystals and candles enhance the setting. Tarot cards provide pretty pictures for everyone to examine. In addition, cards provide a bit of a barrier between the readers and the clients so that the readers can maintain their personal space. The cards also provide a nice distraction from the intensity of the reading.

Tools, such as Tarot cards, often help the client feel more comfortable. Some clients don't like to think that a psychic is reading their mind. When Tarot cards are used, it seems as if the information comes from the cards and is just being interpreted by the psychic; not like the psychic is directly accessing the client's energy or information.

One reader explained that he can do readings just using Tarot cards. Or, he can do readings just using psychic ability. However, when he uses both the cards and his abilities, the readings are better. His Guides are able to influence the cards so that they reinforce the messages he receives.

Tools aren't nearly as important as the psychic's ability to connect with invisible information sources. Whichever tool they use, they still need a clear connection to transmit messages to clients.

Have you tried reading Tarot cards or Oracle cards? Both kinds of card decks can be used for divination, fortune-telling, and spiritual guidance. Tarot decks have a specified number of cards and follow a particular formula. Oracle decks are more free-form - no rules, just artwork with words. Tarot cards can take longer to learn to read, while Oracle cards speak for themselves, with the wording right on the card.

Oracle cards are often lighter and brighter than Tarot cards, and can have themes such as angels or the Law of Attraction. Oracle cards provide a quick, easy way to read for ourselves.

This Sunday, for the first time, I will have cards for sale at the Psychic Fair. I have one deck each of "Soul Coaching Oracle cards" by Denise Linn, "The Law of Attraction Cards" by Esther and Jerry Hicks, "Archangel Oracle Cards" by Doreen Virtue, "The Answer is Simple" by Sonia Choquette, and a "Fairy Tarot Deck" by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine.

I can't wait to see what kinds of answers people receive when using these decks.

See you at the Fair!


11:02 am mst

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Patricia's Psychic Surprise

Quote from a Psychic - Patricia Kirkman

I asked Patricia Kirkman, "What is the most surprising thing about being psychic?"

She answered:

"I thought it was normal. I thought it everybody thought like I thought. You assume all these things are normal."

Patricia went on to explain:

"At one point, I was looking for answers and a psychic told me I could find my own answers to the things that had happened all my life."

"As a kid, when I wanted to do something my mother would say, ‘You can't do that. I got the feeling in my stomach.' I didn't know what that meant. My mother was also an intuitive. It was normal. When mom says you don't do it, you don't do it."

"Many things happened over the years. I wasn't supposed to know the answers, but I did. Or I knew something was going to happen before it did. That was hard."

"You can't put a finger on it. It's that gut feel. Something in the pit of the stomach."

"When I know something is going on, I get goose flesh. It goes right up the arms. I'll be talking with a client and as soon as I say something, goose-flesh. Validation. Or I'll get a feeling that someone is around them, or standing around me."

"It's an overload of things. It's a strange feeling, but it's not scary anymore. It was never really scary. It was when I found out it was real that it got scary. When it was just things happening, it was a different story. Then when I saw the validation, it took on a different complexion."

Thanks, Patricia, for sharing your insights with us.


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