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Thursday, September 28, 2017

Our Journey is an Evolution

Announcement: This Sunday, the Mystic Messengers Psychic Fair will be held at the DoubleTree Inn in Tucson, AZ, across from Reid Park. The Fair runs from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. I will be there and would love to chat with you.

Our Journey is an Evolution

Each belief system explains human beings and mortality. Last week, I heard two different explanations. The first one noted that our time is limited. We are like falling fruit and withering leaves. The second explanation was more expansive. This message was channeled by a psychic:

"Do not look at your physical life existence as your beingness. It would be like a seed seeing itself as its totality. It is not a seed. You are not a seed. It is not a sprout. You are not a sprout. When it becomes a tree, it is not a tree, and it's not the leaf and it's not the fruit. The fruit is consumed by a being of one sort or another, then becomes part of something larger. It has a higher purpose.

"So it is with your beingness. It is an evolution. There is always a higher level, a higher awareness, a higher knowing, a greater purpose. A new life greater than you knew to ask.

"Stop looking at the smallness of the seed, the frailness of the sprout, the long time the tree grows, the leaves that fall, the fruit that is bare -- eventually harvested and consumed. New life continues and so do you.

"In the greater scope, in the greater analogy, this has been going on and will continue to go on and on and on. This is why all are one. Whether they recognize it, whether you recognize it, whether you accept it. It is what it is."

This message explained our physical changes on earth, reminded us to see the whole picture, and hinted that there is more to come. The "more" is our non-physical journey. At death, our body loses it energy, but our essence crosses to the non-physical realm where we live on, examine our recently-led life, heal, and learn. Eventually, if we so choose, we design a new life and return to earth.

We are more than withering leaves. We are conscious beings co-creating our lives with a Universal Source of Energy. We are bringing in the experiences we want to have. We are attracting the teachers who help us grow intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually. I am forever grateful to my teachers.

When we look at the big picture, when we enjoy each moment without feeling like we are stuck in it forever, when we acknowledge there is more to life than what we see, we open our hearts to the fullness of our journey.

Let me know what you think.


1:57 pm mst

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Quotes on Psychic Surprises
Quotes from two Psychics - Psychic Surprises

I asked several psychics, "What is the most surprising thing about psychic ability?" Here are two answers.

Amy Jacobson says:

"The most surprising thing is the effect on my outlook on life. There are certain things in awareness and understanding that we have that other people might not have. It helps me deal with difficult situations. I'm not afraid of death. I understand the need to breathe through negative emotions. I recognize the interactions between people when they get a negative vibration, and I know to stay above it without judgement. I can deal with things in a non-judgmental way. Everyone is doing the best they can. I can see it and recognize it, but not get caught up in it. I can stay focused on what I need to do."

Amy Jacobson

Teri Thene answered:

"The most surprising thing is the ‘who me?' attitude. I was raised Catholic and I never dreamed in a million years that I would be doing this work.

"The other thing is the feedback I receive from people. Yesterday, someone who is a born again Christian, a close friend of mine, said, ‘You are 1000 percent on.' I thanked her. The most surprising thing is that it would be me!

"One more thing. When I was little, I used to shock people with the things I would say. How could I possibly know that? Then I suppressed. I was held back in kindergarten because of it. I had a conversation with my dad when I was four. In my head, I was thinking ‘reincarnation' and he was thinking of the Catholic way of ‘you never die and come back.' I have always been this way."

Teri A. Thene

10:56 am mst

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Limits to Psychic Ability

Are there Limits to what Psychics can do?

Some people who ask me about psychics have a preconceived notion that every psychic can read their future, talk to their pet, and connect with people who have crossed to the other side. A few psychics can do all these things, but most psychics are focused in one or two areas; they don't do it all. Some psychics are animal communicators, others bring forth inspirational messages, others are medical intuitives and others connect with people who are in spirit.

However, many psychics tell me that they receive whatever message the client needs to hear. This broadens their ability to relay meaningful messages.

In this world of multiple gifts and talents, I have uncovered a few general limits to psychic ability:

Psychics only do what their gifts allow them to do.

Each reader has a personal skill set. For example, some psychics can talk to the dead and other psychics can't. Some psychics see the future while other psychics see the emotions around a current issue, but can't see the future.

Psychics can't read for someone without that person's permission.

Reading someone without their permission is a violation of the person's privacy.

Psychics are not allowed to tell everything they know.

Psychics often know information which they are not allowed to share and this can be very difficult for them. The information cannot be shared either because the clients are not ready to hear the information, or the clients need to go through personal adversity so they can learn and grow. Psychics cannot interfere with another soul's destiny. In addition, most psychics are not allowed to predict death. Psychics often wonder why they are permitted to know things which they cannot share.

Not surprisingly, some clients say that they only want to hear the good, not the bad, and this also limits what psychics can tell them.

It is difficult to understand the time frames for future events.

Cherie Fraine explained that one of the difficult things about a reading is telling the difference between "spirit time" and "people time." Time is an artificial construct. There is no time on the other side, yet we measure time on Earth. In spirit time, "soon" could be anything from tomorrow until three months from now. She has worked out a system with her Spirit Guides and the Universe to use Tarot cards to be precise about time. She had to work with her Guides for quite a while to get everyone organized so they could provide information in the specified time frames.

Psychics can't read clearly for themselves, their close family members or their friends.

Psychics usually can't read as clearly for themselves as they can read for other people so they don't always benefit from personal messages. They have to talk to other psychics to make sure that they are on their own right path.

Raquel Spencer, a Light Worker, commented:

"I can't even see my own life past the next three months! I never know what is coming. I have never been able to see my future. I think this is comfortable for me. If I knew what was coming, I might fight it. I might get in my own way. I have been trained to be okay with not knowing what was coming. If anyone had told me that I would have gone to Ireland, Maui, the Carribean, through the Panama Canal, and to Cost Rica in a three-month period, I would have told them that they were out of their mind! I would have blocked myself from being able to do it."

Furthermore, psychics often feel that messages for close friends and relatives could be colored by their own thoughts about the issues. Once they love somebody, it can be difficult to think logically and get straight answers.

Jackie Chin explained the information balance in her personal experience:

"Most readers cannot read for themselves or their immediate family members. I think this is because everyone has a right to their privacy. However, if there is an emergency, or something that is going to fully unbalance the family, then I do get information concerning the event. It may not be complete, but it will alert me to call, or do whatever I need to do, to see who is in trouble."

Psychics can't heal family members or friends.

Some psychics work on family members and friends while others are reluctant to do so. Delphina Nova provided a perspective on why she doesn't work on the people she is close to: "It is almost like when someone is an authority figure, a minister, a priest, or a doctor; it's easy to abuse the power because we are human, so I have taken an oath not to work on family or friends."

Let me know if you have questions, comments, or anything to add to the list.


4:24 pm mst

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

 Quote from a Psychic - Palm Readings

I asked a palm reader why readings change over time. Does the palm change? She answered:

"Of course it does. It is soft living leather and it is constantly renewing itself. Old skin cells flake away and new skin cells grow in. You use your hands all the time. You snap your fingers when you have an idea, you clap your hands when you are happy, you clench your fists when you are upset. Every time you move the muscles and the capillaries underneath the skin, the skin will change. Life patterns show up.

"It takes about six months for changes in your life to show up in your hand because it takes that long for old skin cells to flake away. The hands change."


11:36 am mst

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Walking Babies to the Edge of The Veil

 "I walk babies to the edge of The Veil"

A few months ago, a woman with psychic abilities told me, "I walk babies to the edge of The Veil." This was such a powerful statement that I wanted to know more. A few weeks ago, we had a long conversation so I could find out about her work.

Sandy Galitzer Easley is a pediatric nurse. She takes care of fragile babies, often in their homes after being released from the hospital. Sandy uses her intuition and abilities to:

1) Help babies heal.

Sandy provides nursing assistance to families during the day. She often accompanies sick babies as they are moved from the hospital to their home. She teaches caregivers how to use the equipment which accompanies these children and how to care for the babies.

There is something about her connection with the children that makes things happen. Sandy told me that she had cared for a baby which had been oxygen deprived at birth. The baby had failed the hearing and sight tests and was assumed to be deaf and blind. The baby's eyes went in different directions. After Sandy worked with the baby for several months, the baby's eyes began to focus. Now, she can see.

When I asked Sandy what she had done with this baby, she told me that she had sat with her, watched videos, pointed out things, and talked to the baby. Nothing extraordinary, but the baby had dramatically improved.

I asked, "Do you feel like you have a healing touch?"

Sandy answered, "Healing energy comes through me. It is very strong. My arms burn. My fingers tingle. I can put my hands on and focus energy."

Sandy also knows what babies need. For example, if a child's neck is twisted, Sandy may feel a twist in her own neck and know that the child needs to be repositioned.

2) Help babies cross to The Other Side, when healing is not possible.

Some babies are destined for short lives. Sandy can assure babies and children that it is okay to let go. She supports them.

Sandy shared this story. She was traveling out-of-state when she heard one of her baby patients say, "Nurse Sandy, Nurse Sandy. I'm happy and I'm healthy. Nurse Sandy, I love you."

Sandy asked the baby why she had come to her? What had happened? Turns out the baby had died during surgery. She had come to let Nurse Sandy know what even though she had crossed over, she was fine. The baby's surgery had been scheduled for after Sandy's return to Tucson. The surgery had been moved up and Sandy had not been notified of the change.

I asked, "Do you really walk them to the edge of The Veil?"

Sandy replied, "I feel it super-deep in my heart. I can tell when this is happening. It's not just babies; even when adults are passing, for some reason, I know it's time.

"I see who is on the other side. I feel them crossing. I think I see them too, but not fully, more shadowy. It's almost like I am in their body so I can't see their body.

"If I've never met the people on the other side, I won't know who is greeting them. However, I have been able to say, ‘There's one elderly woman and there is . . .', but I can't say who they are. They don't hold up names tags. Wouldn't it be nice if they held up a name?"

3) Help elderly patients who are "stuck."

Some elderly people are not well, but are afraid to cross over. Sandy can answer their questions and help them understand that there is another side to go to. Not everyone is confident that the soul survives the death of the body.

Even when caregivers can't understand the words an elderly person is mumbling, Sandy knows what is being said, or what is on their mind. She hears them clearly, just as she hears the babies who aren't yet verbal.

4) Communicate with The Other Side.

Sandy has provided psychic readings for four or five years. She is a Medium. According to Sandy, "Connecting people with their loved ones is a very important part of my work."

Using a Circle Board, she communicates with people who are in spirit, as well as Guides and angels. A Circle Board is a tool with words, letters, and phrases on it. Sandy places her fingers on a disc and the disc moves to spell out the communication. As the disc begins to move, Sandy often knows what will be written before it appears. She hears the communication.

5) Understand why children and families are in certain situations.

Sandy said, "Some people ‘come down the chute,' that's what I call it, and are in a difficult situation. They come down briefly to teach someone else a lesson. Then it is time to go."

"Many of my patients are here to teach their parents something. Maybe patience. Or appreciating life. How about trust? You name it. Sometimes the baby stays longer than it intended to stay because the mom isn't getting the lesson. The mom goes to parties and does this and that. Not a balance. I think the baby is trying to teach the mom to slow down and appreciate life. Life is a gift. We are here to give it a whirl. We are sent down the chute because we have something to learn."

As her gift develops, Sandy is finding that she can focus on children. She can help parents understand their children and the energy balance within the family. She sees how family members help each other. This applies to both sick and healthy children.

6) See medical issues before a baby is born.

This is a recently-revealed gift. A few weeks ago, Sandy was speaking with a pregnant woman who knew she was carrying a baby with Down Syndrome. Sandy sensed a river with water gushing. She sent the woman to a pediatric cardiologist for an in-utero ultrasound. The doctor discovered that the baby had a leaking heart valve.

However, as in all things psychic, there are no guarantees about what Sandy might pick up.

Thank you, Sandy, for helping me understand new aspects of psychic ability.

If you are interested in contacting Sandy Easley, you can text or call her at 520-272-4476.

Comments or questions? Send your e-mails to me at

1:15 pm mst

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Emma's Surprise
Quote from a Psychic

I asked Emma, "What is the most surprising thing about being psychic?"

She answered:

"It is accessible. It's not as foreign as I would have thought a long time ago. Years ago, I never would have thought how natural it is. Now that I recognize how natural psychic ability is, it's almost relaxing. It has supplied me with comfort and a realization that it makes sense. Things have always been this way. Now, they make sense.

"The clarity that psychic abilities provide is also surprising. These abilities answer more questions than I would have thought. Years ago, I would have thought psychic ability would open mysteries. That's how it was in the beginning. Now, it's answered so much more than I ever imagined."

Emma Paunil

The Intuitive Compass

12:03 pm mst

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Amplifying Hope

Amplifying Hope

I've had a request for a blog topic! Someone asked how we can have hope for the future when things look so bleak?

The Present

Revisit any time in human history and the future has always looked bleak. Wild animals, cold nights, hot days, famine, hurricanes, war, and plagues. Humans have always had to deal with adversity. This period in time is one of the golden ones. We may have challenges, but we also have running water, electricity, food in the supermarkets, and drugs to combat illness. Things are at least as good as they have ever been.

We also have a hurricane threatening Florida and a hurricane which devastated the Houston area. We have politicians itching to use nuclear weapons. We have a nation which is politically divided. I am not discounting these things.

To balance them, we also have a good cup of coffee, and when we walk our dogs, we run into neighbors we like. We have family barbecues and S'mores. When we don't feel like cooking, we can bring in a load of Chinese food, hang out together, and swap stories. Maybe travel stories, maybe baby stories, maybe stories about the entertaining minutia of our lives. People who can laugh about their lives will always have a source of entertainment.

Our view of life and our optimism can be anchored by acknowledging the things we love. Some call this gratitude. We are encouraged to write three things every evening which happened that day for which we are grateful. This activity shifts our focus from things which were less-than-joyful to things we appreciate.

Gratitude is a starting point, but I don't think that gratitude is the key, as much as appreciation. Gratitude implies that there is someone or something to which we are grateful. This can be an intellectual stretch. There doesn't always have to be a super power behind the beauty in our lives. Sometimes the grace of a flower speaks for itself. We notice it. We take a moment to appreciate the exquisite flower for exactly what it is. It moves us. It confirms the beauty of the world. Then we take that moment, breathe in, expand the feeling of joy in our heart, and send it down into Mother Earth. This action anchors our love and appreciation in the physical world.

I often write about the non-physical world and the love which is available through our connection with the unseen. It's all true. Yet there are times when we can look around, know that life is glorious, and generate love on our own.

When I suggested to the person who posed this question that every evening he list three things for which he is grateful, he said, "That would get repetitive: my family, birds singing, etc." Ah, the challenge is to find new things to appreciate each day. Add to the list. Look for examples. If the repetitive topic is "my family," specify the thing which someone said or did that day which you treasured.

After a few months, this appreciation practice becomes a habit which anchors our focus on the positive.

I'm going to encourage everyone who is worried about the future to emphasize today. Who knows what the future holds? With all my work with psychics, no one seems to know exactly how things will play out.

The Future

Psychics tell me that we are entering a time of peace. We are in the last throes of conflict. Negativity needs to bubble up so it can dissipate. We are entering the fifth dimension.

I ask, "When?" No one can pin down the date we begin to get along.

We live in the moment. Living in the past is a regurgitation, living in the future isn't possible. Focus on the delight of the moment and do your life's work.

We create our personal future though the choices we make. Working with the Universe, we co-create our reality. We can keep building our skill sets (technology, cooking, emotional coping skills, etc.) so we are ready for whatever comes.

When we contemplate the larger world, we feel less control. Remember "scalability"? As we develop self-confidence and a sense of balance, we can scale it up to benefit the world. We can expand our joy.

"Hope" is our amusement as we daydream about the future. When we see the charm in the present, we can coax our minds to hope for a future better than today. As we anchor love and appreciation into the earth, we can amplify hope. It's part of the same bright ball of love.

Things you know (now do them Wink ):

1) Have a sense of humor about your life and your travels.

2) Stop and smell the roses.

3) Acknowledge beauty in the world.

4) Breathe into, and expand, that appreciative feeling in your heart.

5) Send that feeling to the Earth to anchor your love in the world.

6) Remind your thoughts to create the future you want to live.

Let me know how this works for you.


12:10 pm mst

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Rich & Famous?

Quote from a Psychic - Do you need to talk to a Rich and Famous Psychic?

"There is a lot of work to be done, but if you are a famous psychic, there are people you can't reach. If you are poor, there are people you can't reach. There have to be people working at the rich level and at the poor level. Everyone has to have the opportunity to share at all the levels. Rich is not successful. Rich is just a different environment."

John Hunter

1:49 pm mst

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