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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Three Quick (True) Ghost Stories

Three Quick Ghost Stories

Denise Singerline

When my ex-husband's brother Vinnie died, I woke up at about 5:30 a.m. and felt him standing next to my bed. He had died in a trailer fire that night, but I hadn't yet heard about it. I felt someone standing next to me all night. The phone rang around 7 a.m. and they told me that Vinnie had died.

His ghost stayed in our house for about two weeks, and I would see him standing around and walking down the hallway. At night, he would stand next to my bed and want me to astral travel with him. He talked to me. I started praying that he would go into the Light and, after about two weeks, that is what he did.

Seeing ghosts can be scary because it is so unexpected. A lot of times there wasn't anything to be afraid of, it was just surprising to wake up and find ghosts looking at me. There was one scary-looking ghost who I was afraid was going to touch me. I don't know what would have happened if he had actually touched me. I prayed and made him leave.

Marianne Patyk

Back in 1969, my grandfather came to me after he had passed away. That was my first experience with the other side. I was about 8 years old when he came and sat on the corner of my bed. I still remember it. I had a conversation with him. I wasn't frightened. This was about three days after he had passed away. He came and sat on the corner of my bed and I felt him sit down. I opened my eyes and it was my grandfather.

In fact, all of my relatives have come to visit me after they have passed. It's like having a normal conversation with them.

Y (anonymous)

As a child, I saw ghosts. I knew how people died. I used to deliver newspapers and I could smell that a person had been in the hospital. I could smell the scent of the hospital. I could tell if someone was dying.

I was 16 years old when my neighbor was killed in a car accident. When he was crossing, his deceased father's spirit came and picked him up. He came in a wagon. These are all spiritual things. I heard the horse coming at three in the morning. Through my window, I saw the deceased father come for his son. I was scared to death. He parked the wagon and the horse, then sat there and waited. I heard the sliding glass door open, then the spirit of the neighbor who had died got up and left his body, got on the wagon and they took off. I could hear the bells ringing on the wagon as it went between the houses.

Happy Halloween!

10:06 am mst

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Shared Death Experiences

Shared Death Experiences

It clicked. I heard a phrase which tied together several stories I had been told. The phrase? A "Shared Death Experience."

Remember when I wrote about Sandra Easley who "walks babies to the edge of The Veil?" She can see into the next world. Turns out, this may be more common than I had thought.

Raymond Moody and Paul Perry's book, "Glimpses of Eternity - Sharing a Loved Ones Passage from this Life to the Next" (2010, Guideposts, New York), explains this phenomenon as one type of Shared Death Experience.

You may recognize Raymond Moody's name from his extensive work with people who had Near-Death Experiences (NDEs). He was the person who collected the raw stories, then tried to make sense of them. After publishing the NDE work, people began telling him about things which had happened to them while their loved one was dying. In his new work, he collects stories from healthy people who have had curious experiences at the deathbed of a friend or relative.

In my work, people have told me similar stories.

* One woman remarked that as her father was dying, she asked her deceased sister to help him. The sister materialized and helped their father. My friend saw this as it happened.

* A hospice worker told me that at the moment of death, she sees a mist rising from the body of the deceased. She assured me that this is a common experience among hospice workers and nurses.

* Cyndi Clark explained that when her mother was dying, even though the mother was unconscious, Cyndi could psychically hear the mother conversing with people on the other side. This event opened her desire to learn about parapsychology.

People don't have to be in the room with the dying to experience these phenomena. Sometimes, they have an odd dream or experience, then find out that their friend or relative has passed.

People who are in the room may experience the event along with the person who is dying. According to Dr. Moody, bystanders may have seven potential experiences. Some people have just one of these phenomenon, other people have several of them.

1) Change of Geometry: The room seems to change shape, perhaps becoming like an hourglass or a vortex, and there is a feeling of being in a different dimension.

2) Mystical Light: The room fills with an unusual type of bright light. Sometimes, the light seems to emanate from the dying person's body.

3) Music: People hear beautiful, complex music, without a source for the music. In one case, two people in the room with the dying person heard the music, and so did the person downstairs in the kitchen. She came upstairs to find out what was happening.

4) Out-of-Body Experience: Observers will lift out of their bodies along with the deceased. They will float above the room, acknowledging each other. People realize that the dead person looks happy. Seeing that the person is happy and well, is a wonderful antidote to grief.

5) Co-Living a Life Review: Bystanders feel a surge of energy, then go through the life review with the dead person, even seeing things which may have happened before they met. One wife saw her husband's dating life prior to their meeting and was later able to find photos of the women in his high school yearbook. Another woman saw her son's private life and later recognized people, and visited places, she had seen during the life review.

6) Encountering Unworldly or "heavenly" Realms: The witness enters the heavenly realm with their loved one, up until a certain boundary. At that time, the deceased person moves forward, and the living person returns to their body. This explains Sandy's ability to walk babies to the edge of The Veil.

7) Mist at Death: People may see a mist rising from the dying person's body. Some people say it looks like fog, or like smoke from a candle which has been snuffed out. The smoke wafts upwards. Sometimes, it seems to form a human shape. In other cases, bystanders have seen the deceased rise from their body and walk away.

Dr. Moody didn't list this as one of the phenomena, but there are several stories of people seeing or hearing deceased relatives who are in the room with the person who is dying. They share the person's deathbed visions.

Of course, not all people have these experiences when they witness someone's death.

People who have had a shared death experience and had a second loved one die, may not have had the same experience twice. Why? No one knows.

When discussing NDEs, scientists often suggest that the hallucinations of a dying brain cause people to see the tunnel, see their relatives, and begin a life review. In the case of Shared Death Experiences, normal, healthy people are having these experiences and no such explanation applies.

What makes we want to re-read this book? I have heard similar stories from psychics and friends. Now, I have a concept which ties these stories together. This book makes it all make sense.

If you have had a Shared Death Experience, I would love to hear about it. Please write it down and e-mail it to me at If you would rather tell me your story aloud, send an e-mail to me and I will call you.


1:16 pm mst

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Messages from Spirit - The Next Three Months

Quotes from a Channeling Event

In September, I listened as these messages came through a psychic:

"Come the start of the new year, it is as if someone pulls the tablecloth off of a very finely set table. Your concerns as to whether or not the China or crystal will fall, will not make a difference. That tablecloth is going to be pulled, but it is being pulled by Spirit who knows exactly what they are doing and where things will land, and why. If something gets chipped, know it was meant to be. If it all stays intact, it was meant to be.

"There is going to be a shifting of the cloud, the veil, that thin barrier of what is and is not meant to be. There will be more clarity to see and understand the things which you have been concerned about. The next three months, until the end of this year, is a clearing out and removing of anything that blocks the clarity and the understanding that you need to move forward, knowing that divine order guides and assists in all ways.

Like smelling coffee in the morning. Like smelling a freshly mowed lawn. This will be a deeply sensory experience on the spiritual level. It will be, "Oh yes, now I understand." Like when intuition is highly developed, but perhaps the person is unaware, and all of the sudden it comes through so clear, so sharp. It is going to be a higher polishing of the gemstones; a higher connection of vibrational energy with the Divine, with a lot less static.

"Communication will become more intuitive. Those who neither have the desire nor the awareness to know that their eyes were shut, will remain at their same level. There will be a real separation of the energies on the dimensional fields."

I asked, "It seemed like we were moving forward. Things were getting more progressive and tolerant and lighter, then I feel like we took a step backwards. Are we going to move forward again?"

Spirit answered, "The squeaky wheel gets the grease, but there are three other wheels. Remember that. Three to one. When you hear the squeaky wheel, you don't say, "All wheels squeak." Or "All wheels need replacement." The squeaky wheel gets the grease and that is what is happening with society worldwide. Because they are the loudest, does not mean they represent the majority. There is a development and an undercurrent, like an undertow, of humanity and compassion that is much stronger and cannot be sold short."

I replied, "Thank you. Good to know."

11:29 am mst

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Meet Cynthia Rae

Meet an Intuitive - Cynthia Rae

In July 2008, I interviewed Cynthia Rae. Cynthia is intuitive. She had a near-death experience as she was being born and has always "known" things. Later, she had another near-death experience which expanded her gift. Then, in the early 1990s, Cynthia trained as a massage therapist and began receiving intuitive messages as she worked on clients. She found that she was able to help people heal themselves. Her goal is to empower people so that they are courageous in their living.

One of the ideas she shared is that we are all having experiences for ourselves and for the Source of Life. We are fulfilling the contract we made before our birth.

Cynthia said:

"Difficulties don't mean that life isn't fulfilling. My philosophy about being here on Earth is that we come to learn certain lessons. The Source of Life has never lived every single moment on this planet; has not lived every single moment in a different refraction, a different life, a different emotion. If you look at each of us, there are millions of different opportunities. That's why everyone is so different.

"If you look at Source as in the middle, and know that everyone is connected to Source, you understand that every person is allowing Source to live vicariously through them. Source can feel the emotions, can see the things we see, and can understand because of our brains.

"We are here to learn for ourselves and for Source. We can call the Source "G-d", or any other name: the Creator, the One who has the pulse on everything that is going on in the whole of existence. G-d might be the name of what is only the CEO of this space and He might have a higher somebody-else to talk to. Who knows? I don't know. I'm just doing my part.

"We are all fulfilling the contract we made with our souls before we came down here. Whether or not I am happy and joyous every single moment of the day doesn't matter. It is the human essence of what I have chosen."

Later, Cynthia remarked:

"Why are we here on this earth? To experience and grow in ways that no other soul has the opportunity to do. I think that we are very honored to be here. No other souls that we know of, not even the angels, Guides, or masters, have the opportunity to taste. They can't spit, they can't make love, they don't touch. They don't have the senses we have.

"I think that we are the honored ones. There aren't very many people on this Earth who have joy every day of their lives, who get up and skip. If they are doing that, they are not experiencing; they are not learning. All of the knowledge already exists on the other side. Here, we are learning, we are taking knowledge in. Every leaf we look at is different from another leaf. Each of us is different. We are here to experience things. We each have the opportunity to affect other people's lives and whether we do it in a positive way, or a negative way, is up to them and up to us."

You can read my full interview with Cynthia Rae on the "Featured Interview" page of this website for FREE for the next two weeks. After that, the interview will only be available as a 99 cent Kindle e-book. Cynthia's interview is the third one in the "Psychics Speak" series. You can view the complete list of interviews on the "Psychics Speak" website page.

Let me know what you think.


10:58 am mst

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Lynette's Surprise
Quote from a Psychic - The Most-Surprising Thing

I asked Lynette Lisell, "What is the most surprising thing about being psychic?"

Lynette answered:

"Many years ago, I began having prophetic dreams. When my dreams accurately predicted serious health issues for two people, I was amazed. It was the start of my journey.

"I began reading everything I could get my hands on regarding the development of psychic skills. Soon afterward, I befriended a wonderful man who was a hands-on psychic healer. This is something which really resonated with me. Soon afterward, I went to school for massage therapy and began my studies in Reiki, chi-gong and hands-on healing with Echo Bodine in Minneapolis.

"Those dreams that, at the time were surprising, actually quite shocking, set the course for this wonderful journey that continues to unfold today."

At the Psychic Fair, Lynette reads Tarot Cards and Runes. In private sessions, she does energy healing and aromatherapy consultations. You can contact her at 520-425-9640, or by e-mail at


10:48 am mst

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Ghost Tweets

Ghost Tweets

Have you wondered about the large, white, transparent circles you see in photographs? These are called "Orbs," and can be likened to "Ghost Tweets" because they show up, but don't have a lot to say. Orbs are one way for a ghost, spirit, angel, or Spirit Guide to show themself in this physical realm.

Karreen Martin, likes to take photos in the evening and call in orbs. Earlier this week, a few of us got together to see if we could photograph orbs.

Karreen explained that orbs might be people who have passed away, angels, or Spirit Guides. In many cases, people who have crossed to the other side are here visiting. They come to play.

In other cases, people who have passed away and were shocked by their passing, may not yet have crossed to the Light. Karreen can direct these souls to look for, and go to, the Light. She assists them in their crossing to the other side.

Karreen said, "When I have 15 or 20 orbs, the majority are individuals who want to be crossed over. When I call them in I sing. If you sing or play music, more orbs come in. They hear that vibration and call people they know who haven't crossed over."

"They are discarnates. They have 90 hours to cross over. If they don't cross over in 90 hours because they are mourning for you or someone else who is left, they could be there for thousands of years."*

"You can call in anyone. They hear you. Ask them to come in orb form. Some come in so fast that you see them moving in a row."

Karreen mentioned that orbs love animals. She suggested that you watch your animal as they watch orbs. Point your camera at whatever your dog is looking at, then snap a photo.

A few orb photos are shown above. More photos can be found on the "Orbs" page of this website. It's easier to post them there, than to put them in this blog (software issues).

One more thing: Karreen mentioned that we can feel orbs. They can make our hair feel electrified. We can feel them in our aura. When we feel them, then take a photo, we can confirm that they are with us.

* This information is from Karreen. The "90 hour" idea is new to me.

You can find out more about Karreen and her work on her website,

12:29 pm mst

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Most Surprising thing about Psychic Ability?

Quotes from Psychics - Most Surprising thing about Psychic Ability?

I asked, "What is the most surprising thing about psychic ability?"

Morgana Dragonfly replied:

"The surprising part is the accuracy.

"I took up Tarot because I was fascinated by the cards. When I started reading for friends and family, I was just playing a game, like pretending. But when there were too many hits to be accidental, that surprised me. Cool. I was right.

"I don't always agree with what I get in my psychic impressions so I don't always follow my own intuition. There are many times when I am sorry I didn't follow these impressions."

Morgana Dragonfly, Metaphysical Practitioner


Kat Riegel answered:

"The most surprising thing is the insights which come to me from animals. There will be something I am working on which I may, or may not, know that I am actively working on. I will give information to a client and they will look at me funny and I will realize that the message was mine, not theirs. Information comes in, in interesting ways.

"One of the most surprised things which happened didn't have to do with animals. A client told me she had misplaced one of her costume tops for belly dancing. She needed it for an upcoming show. I told her it was in a box in her closet. She told me that she never put costumes in that closet. No way. She went home and there it was, in a box in the closet. She was surprised.

"I am also surprised that I can predict the sex of babies."

Kat Riegel, Animal Communicator

10:46 am mst

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Hay House World Psychic Summit

Hay House World Psychic Summit

A few weeks ago, one of my delightful blog readers let me know that Hay House would be hosting an online World Psychic Summit. I had no idea what a "Psychic Summit" might be. Turns out, Hay House presented several days of audio interviews with psychics. Today, I want to share some of the new-to-me ideas which I heard during that Summit.

1) Maris Moris talked about a "snow globe meditation," in which we imagine ourselves inside a snow globe. When we shake the snow globe, glittery pieces of paper surround us. Maris likened this to our aura and suggested that when we meditate, we imagine that we are cleaning and polishing everything within the snow globe which surrounds us, enhancing our bright sparkle.

2) Gordon Smith has a concept called, "Calling Cards," in which we try to determine how the Universe communicates with us - the Universe's calling card. He suggested that we ask the spirit world, "Are you there?" then see what happens. Do you feel a breeze on your face? Do you feel warmth somewhere? Then, ask again to see if Spirit can make it happen again. If the same thing happens twice, confirmation is provided. The "calling card" from a Guide might be the feeling of a warm blanket, a cool breeze, or a sensation around the face.

3) Gordon Smith also commented that every Medium is a healer. Message come in words, but when compassion is attached, messages are healing.

When working as a Medium and communicating with a spirit, he suggested that you feel if the person is old or young, or hurt. Try to get the entirety of their personality around you. Your body may start to sway like the person did. You reanimate their life. It is possible to blend with the spirit. You allow the person to come through you because you are an open channel.

When you see the hat or the pipe, they are showing you who they are. It's the image of the person so they can be identified. They are actually evolving and have already dropped their "humanness" behind.

4) John Holland noted that a psychic's connection to Spirit will change over time. It may go quiet for a while. He suggested that psychics not limit themselves with titles such as clairvoyant, clairaudient, or Medium. Titles are limiting. Psychics should be open to whatever happens. It's about opening and expanding, not about limiting. Keep growing. Abilities change.

5) John Holland interviewed Gordon Smith and asked, "Before someone passes, is there something to say to ease their transition?"

Gordon Smith answered that people feel cut off from the dying. They feel there is nothing they can do. He suggested that people speak to the dying about the afterlife and let them ask questions. Talking to them about loved ones on the other side and about the other side being a renewed state of being, takes away the fear of death. Tell them this isn't the end. Dying with that thought is better than dying without that thought.

When you help the dying, it raises their vibration. Always send your loved one the highest possible state of mind so you don't feel cut off and useless. This work also helps you through the grieving process. You know you've done what you could do.

6) John Edward explained that, as a Medium, you can't call in someone who you don't know. You can't just call in a scientist as an experiment. There has to be a connection to the deceased through the love of the person who was left behind.

7) John Edward also talked a bit about suicide and limbo, saying that people don't get stuck. When someone crosses themselves over, there is a varying level of responsibility they have to take. Some people commit "stupidity" as a result of their actions. They didn't mean to die, they just did something stupid.

What happens afterward depends on the person and their mental and emotional states. There is no penalty. They don't get stuck until their natural time to pass. It's not that they would have lived to be 60 so they have to stay in limbo until they are 60. There is no time on the other side.

8) John Edward commented that atheists are completely surprised when they cross over and find out something is there. When they come through during a reading, they have a lot to say.

9) A few more thoughts from John Edward:

* You don't need to be famous. You need to be accomplished at what you do.

* Leave people better than you found them. Always say what you want them to know.

* Cut out the people who are cancerous to you. Cut out negative situations. Recognize you are done there, knowing you've done everything you can do.

I enjoyed listening to these sessions with psychics and I hope you found these thoughts as interesting as I did.

You can find out more about the spiritual powerhouse Hay House at the website,


10:12 am mst

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

How did I know?

Overheard at the Psychic Fair

"When I was a small child, I knew my grandmother was dying of cancer. How did I know? The dog told me."


10:57 am mst

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